UCU Rising: 14 days to go until the ballot closes on Friday, 21 October – Please vote today

At midday today we have only 14 days to go until the national ballot closes on Friday, 21 October 2022. To that end, we (Solent UCU) intend to have 10 days of fairly intensive activity on the Get The Vote Out (GTVO) campaign and will be holding an all-day event on the Andrews Concourse on Wednesday, 12 October from 9am to 5pm. Please feel free to drop by for a chat, updates, giveaways, and to order a replacement ballot.  

If you have not yet received your ballot paper, you can order a replacement paper here or on the Andrews Concourse before midday on Wednesday 12 October – after that it will be too late.    

Please email your GTVO Lead (Paula Elliott, Mark Farwell, Rasitha Galagangodage, Carolyn Potts) once you have voted and returned your ballot paper to Civica Election Services (CES). A big thank you if you have already voted. 

The deadline for posting your ballot paper is Tuesday, 18 October to ensure that the CES is in receipt by Friday, 21 October. 

You can read the latest updates about the UCU Rising campaign here. 

If you have already voted, please click here to report that you have voted  

This will generate a new email. Please do not change the emailjust click on Send. Please note that we do not ask which way you voted, just that you have voted. The only data stored is whether you have responded. 

This data will be used by UCU in accordance with data protection legislation.  

The outcome of the ballot should be known by Monday, 24 October or before. To that end, we have called a Branch meeting/AGM to discuss the outcome of the ballot and next steps on Wednesday, 26 October (time/venue TBC)

In solidarity
Chair, Solent UCU

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